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A great many misconceptions about Bob Crane exist in the media. Any Internet search will generate numerous disturbing images and bold acclamations of his highly publicized murder and scandal. In truth, those who knew Bob best - his family, closest friends, and work colleagues - remember him much differently. They describe him as kind, generous, sensitive, extremely talented, caring, driven to success, and above all, a father who adored his children. But Bob was also simply a human being, and therefore, not perfect. He suffered from a very serious addiction to sex, which he recognized and was trying to overcome with professional help at the time he was murdered. Bob's addiction was complex, its roots taking hold back in the 1950s in Connecticut and not after his gained fame in Hollywood. Many famous individuals suffer from this or another type of addiction; few, if any, are ridiculed to the degree or extent as Bob Crane. It has been said that Bob Crane is one of few murdered celebrities whose memory receives little or no respect.

How do we know so much about Bob Crane? For most of her life, campaign manager Carol Ford, a professional editor and author, has been an advocate of Crane's. This led to her involvement in a new, serious biography being written about Bob, during which she took part in talking with more than 150 individuals from Bob's life. It became very clear to her that Bob's real story had been (and continues to be) terribly distorted, and his tremendous work in radio underrecognized. 

After getting to know many of Bob's dearest and trusted friends on a personal level, Carol nominated Bob for the National Radio Hall of Fame in February 2011 on their behalf. After the National Radio Hall of Fame Steering Committee suspended public voting for 2011, we began pursuing a 2012 induction. The Steering Committee has assured us that Crane's nomination has been retained on file and will be considered for future elections.

When we launched this campaign and subsequent Twitter and Facebook pages, we understood that there would be some powerful feelings about Bob - both positive and negative. We welcome all constructive questions and discussion because that is an important way to share Bob's real story and quell the myths. However, please keep in mind that we are a family-friendly campaign for individuals ages 13 and up. Flaming and open attacks of any kind on this site or either of our Twitter or Facebook accounts are strictly prohibited. 

In our attempt to see that Bob Crane is recognized by the National Radio Hall of Fame, we also want to make this a fun and informative experience for all. We thank everyone very much for your support, and we're so glad you found us! Bob dedicated 15 consecutive years of his life to radio, and after his departure from KNX in 1965, he continued to revisit the medium throughout the rest of his life. Ultimately, Bob's work in radio is massive and unprecedented for his time, and he can be credited for helping to shape the world of broadcasting. His addiction should not define him or overshadow his achievements, of which there were many. This campaign aims to highlight Bob's career achievements, with a focus on radio, so that he is properly recognized by the industry, which we believe is long overdue.

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