Thursday, August 14, 2014

An Open Statement from Karen Crane on Robin Williams and His Children

Karen Crane, daughter of Bob Crane, has responded to the tragic death of Robin Williams, the family he leaves behind (specifically his children), and those who malign others in public. The Crane family has born the brunt of public harassment and ridicule for decades following Bob's 1978 murder. In light of Robin Williams' death and in response to the hostility shown toward Robin's daughter Zelda via social media, Karen has openly stated the following:

"I saw this tonight and couldn't stop crying. I've been worried about his children, specifically his daughter, and then I see this. And I WISH that I couldn't relate, but I do. The sudden tragic death of a well-loved public figure, no matter whose hands caused it, as in my dad's murder or Robin Williams' suicide ~ It's the family who's left to dodge the verbal bullets, and it's not fair! I know because I've lived it, and I relate to how abusive the public can be, voicing their cutting opinions about a man, my father or HER father, whom they never met, and all while they sit safely at their computers behind locked doors. But even more unnerving is when they have the balls (sorry) to actually say it to my face. My dad's faults became public, but it never changed the fact that I love him, and he'll always be my dad. And I'd bet that Robin's daughter was close with her dad, too. My life's nightmare may finally get some rest after unloading it on paper, but this poor girl's nightmare is just beginning." 
~Karen Crane


  1. Well said Karen. A tragic loss on both parts. I grew up watching your dad and Robin was one of my comedic and actor heros. He will be missed and the world is a lesser place without him. Peace be with you and the Williams family. Take care

  2. Social media has become a bastion for hate mongers, the empathy challenged and those who wish to stir up trouble. There is nothing sociable about it. You have said it well Karen. It is emotionally crippling to lose one of your parents and as you grieve you do not want nor need arzeholes making things even worse. May you and Zelda have peace. God bless Bob and Robin.

  3. I love you, Karen, and you are often in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a feelings person. Times like these are tragic, even 2 or 40 years later! ♡


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