Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Its Impact on Southwestern Connecticut - Bob Crane's Childhood and Early Adulthood Home

by Carol Ford

We know we've been unusually quiet lately, and October ended with a bang when Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Eastern U.S. seaboard. I reside in Southern New Jersey, and my family and I were smack in the middle of it. Although we were in the line of fire, however, our little corner of the world was miraculously spared any damage.

Others were not so fortunate, and in addition to the Jersey Shore and Lower Manhattan, the shoreline areas of Connecticut situated on Long Island Sound were ravaged by Sandy. Stamford and Bridgeport, where Bob Crane grew up, lived, and worked, suffered great damage, and even as of this writing nearly one week later, some are still struggling without power, gasoline, shelter, and other basic survival needs. During the height of the storm, WICC 600-AM Radio even succumbed to Sandy's anger when the station lost power and went off the air. Although online Internet streaming was available, WICC could not broadcast via the airwaves, and they remained quiet for more than two days.

In the video below from the Connecticut National Guard, one can see the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. At about the 7:10 mark is Stratford, a neighboring town of Bridgeport. Also shown is Sikorsky Airport, which was completely under water.

Hurricane Sandy is not the first, nor will it be the last, major event to devastate a populated region of the world. In the same vein as Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, and Hurricane Irene, there is a terrific need for yet again another round of donations during a time when the economic burden is already high. We encourage your support, however, and we suggest either the American Red Cross or AmeriCares, which is based in Stamford, as two reputable organizations that will ensure donations are put to good use. 

For now, we'll leave you not with more photos of destruction, but rather, with optimistic views of Connecticut. Although a bit wounded at the moment, these and other areas of the East Coast will rebuild and shine once again!

Captain's Cove, Bridgeport, CT - July 2012.

Plane owned by Morgan Kaolian, friend of Bob Crane.
Sikorsky Airport, Stratford, CT - July 2012.

114 State Street, Bridgeport, CT - October 20, 2012.
Former location of WLIZ/WICC from 1951-1953.
Bob Crane worked at WLIZ/WICC from April 1951-September 1956.

Carol Ford at 114 State Street, Bridgeport, CT - October 20, 2012.
Former location of WLIZ/WICC from 1951-1953.
Bob Crane worked at WLIZ/WICC from April 1951-September 1956

Bedford Park, Stamford, CT - April 2009.
Bob Crane met his first wife, Anne, here in the early 1940s.

Boats on Long Island Sound off the coast of Connecticut.
September 2009.

Flight over Southwestern Connecticut - October 20, 2012.
With Morgan Kaolian and Dee Young.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have experienced personal loss due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

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