Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Happy Feet' - The Rare Recording

"Happy Feet" is a little-known song recorded by Bob Crane and the same musicians who produced the album Bob Crane, His Drums, and Orchestra Play the Funny Side of TV. It is extremely difficult to find a copy of this rare recording, which was not included on the full album, most likely because it was not a theme to a television show. Arranged by Ernie Freeman and record producer and music composer Stu Phillips, the tune "Happy Feet" can be heard in the 1966 film, Walk, Don't Run, with Cary Grant. The flip side of the 45 disc contains the theme song to Get Smart, which of course was included on the album.

We present "Happy Feet" here - and you can't help but walk away with happy feet after listening to this unmistakably 1960s tune. By they way, according to the record label, Colonel Hogan is doing the whistling. 

"Happy Feet" / Bob Crane on Drums
Bob Crane, His Drums, and Orchestra Play the Funny Side of TV
Epic Records / 1966


  1. i always wanted to hear this one by him.i got the album,but never got to hear this one until now.i wish i could have listen,watch him on t.v. shows,but i was to young.i was born in the late 60's.miss him.

  2. Thanks for your comments and support, Angela. They are very much appreciated!


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